Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Harris Teeter: Week of Feb. 25- March 3, 2009

I was able to snag a few deals from Harris Teeter this week. In case you didn't now, Harris Teeter doubles up to .99 value coupons everyday! Here's what I picked up:

Ziploc bags (BOGO): .99 x 2= $1.98 used 2- .40 coupons (doubled)= .19 each
Colgate toothbrushes: $1.50 x 3= $4.50 used 3- .75 coupons (doubled)= FREE
Colgate toothpaste: $1.50 - .75 coupon (doubled)= FREE
Nature's Pride Bread (BOGO): $1.84 x 3=5.52 used 3- .55 coupons (doubled)= .74 each
Gorton's Fish Fillets (Buy 2 Get 3 Free): $5.79 x 2= $11.58 - .60 coupon (doubled)= $2.31 each

I also bought these items at regular price:

Beechnut Mini Meals: $1.39 x 3= $4.17 used 3- .75 coupons (doubled)= FREE
Kotex liners: 1.29 x 2= $2.58 used 2- .75 coupons (doubled)= FREE
Kleenex Tissue: $2.19 - Free catalina coupon= .19
Stoneyfield Farm Organic yogurt: .80 - Free catalina coupon= FREE

I was able to use a $5/30 coupon too that Winn Dixie mailed me.
My total was $8.29. I was able to save $27.07 with coupons and another $30.58 in store specials.

I did have to purchase the Buy One Get One items in seperated transactions since Harris Teeter only allows 1 coupon on a Buy One Get One deal. The one item rings up for half price so you can just buy one to get the discount.

If you have the .55 Ziploc coupon that came out 2/22, the expandable bottoms are included in the sale so you would get those for free. Just remember to only buy one at a time.

A Catalina coupon are the coupons that print out of the machine at check out. The ones I used were left behind by another customer, so make sure you keep an eye out for those.

I'm sorry for posting these deals so late. In the future I plan to do my shopping at the beginning of the week so I can share with you sooner. You can check out all of the coupon match-ups at hotcouponworld.com Let me know what you snagged this week by leaving a comment.

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  1. I was so hoping I had the toothpaste and the toothbrush coupons so I could run up there 10 min before they close, but I don't have those... bummer. I'm excited you did this. I'll be looking for good deals everyweek.

  2. I would be happy to share some toothpaste with you, just let me know. Thanks for commenting!