Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Publix Trip

This week I didn't make it to Publix until the last day of the sale. For those of you who aren't avid Publix shoppers yet, our local store's sales run from Thursday to Wednesday. I've decided to go ahead and share what I bought so that you can see what can be accomplished with some planning and some coupons. Next week I will have a picture to share. Here's what I bought:

2 Gorton's Fish
2 Yoplait Kids
2 Eat Smart cauliflower bags
Fresh Express Hearts of Romaine
1.48 pounds grapes
2 Ore-Ida Tatar tot bags
2 Green Giant Vegetable bags
2 Bird's Eye Voila Meals
3 pounds Ground Chuck
4 Classico Sauces
4 Del Monte Tomatoes
4 Progresso Black Beans
8 Progresso Soups
2 Muir Glen Tomatoes
2 Muir Glen Tomato sauces
2 Pop Tarts
2 Mueller Pastas

I used a $10/50 coupon from Winn Dixie, $7 in store coupons, and $20.90 in Manufacturer's coupons.

I walked out paying $33.13 for $99.19 worth of groceries.

The only mistake I made was not watching the checkout screen at the beginning of the process and missed that I didn't buy the Gorton's fish that was "buy one get one". I ended up paying $8.26 for just those two things. (yikes!) I will have to return them for sure.

I plan to start shopping at the beginning of the week, so you will have time to enjoy the same savings.

Be inspired!

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